K-Pak started as a passion project by its founder Tark Abed, born from his desire to capture great video on his GoPro in low-light conditions.

“I’ve always been a night owl” says Tark. “I live an active lifestyle but since I’m also running my own design firm and launching a product, most of the video-worthy moments in my life happen after dark.”

A 20+ year veteran industrial designer, Tark is also the founder and creative director of Mighty Studios, a Silicon Valley product design firm servicing the high tech hardware product market.

Tark has always been an avid mountain biker, skateboarder and music festival fan—this past September marked his 12th consecutive Burning Man!

Being a creative person, Tark loves capturing the more interesting part of his life on video and sharing those moments with his community.

“The GoPro is an amazing product—I always have mine with me to capture all the fun and wild moments—the stuff that will stoke my friends—the stuff you just can’t make up. “ says Tark. “The problem is, GoPros are not equipped to perform well in low-light conditions—which these days is pretty much the only time I’m out and about having fun and filming.

“To me for some reason, so many things look better at night.”

After trying and becoming disappointed with the existing add-on lighting solutions for GoPro, Tark decided to create his own product to solve the problem, and that’s how K-Pak started.

“With K-Pak, I‘m able to capture brilliant video at dusk or after. And with its protective and resistant design, it protects my GoPro from the occasional slam in the skatepark, or spilled beer at the concert!”

K-pak case - fly-apart

“To me for some reason, so many things look better at night. It’s the mystery—the romance—the drama. Have you ever seen a nightclub with the lights on? Yuck.” Tark chuckles. “It applies to so much—even kickflips and berm roosts.”

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