Frequently Asked Questions

What is K-Pak?
K-Pak is the first integrated flash solution for the GoPro Hero3 & Hero4 series camera that delivers unprecedented night and low light photo capabilities.

How does K-Pak help GoPro users?
K-Pak works with the GoPro Hero3 & Hero4 in any lighting situation, giving adventurers the freedom to capture moments, events, and achievements like never before.

Why is K-Pak needed?
While the GoPro Hero has certainly revolutionized extreme and action photography and video, it is primarily suited for daytime or conditions where there is an abundance of light. K-Pak was created to work with GoPro in low light conditions, allowing users to capture experiences anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

What differentiates K-Pak from the competition?
Until now, there hasn’t been a fully integrated flash unit on the market for the GoPro Hero cameras. Users have had to either rely on clunky, separate mounts that interfere with ease of use or have had to settle for lesser quality pictures in low light and underwater scenarios. K-Pak addresses these problems with a compact, versatile GoPro case.

Does K-Pak have any attachments?
No. K-Pak unleashes the potential of GoPro with a fully integrated, synchronized, and water-resistant flash case. Simply drop the GoPro into the K-Pak case and you’re ready to go.

Is K-Pak water resistant?
“K-Pak is splash-resistant. It will safely protect your GoPro from rain, and heavy splashes of water.

Can I customize the K-Pak lighting?
Yes, all K-Pak flashes and lights work independently of the GoPro, enabling users to create nearly limitless lighting effects.

What are the K-Pak safety features?
K-Pak includes an emergency flashlight as well as a “Find Me” SOS safety mode that puts the flash in a low-power state, which flashes every few seconds to alert search parties of lost adventurers.

What does the K-Pak App do?
The K-Pak App allows users the option of triggering and controlling K-Pak with their smartphones.

Is the K-Pak App Bluetooth enabled?
Yes, the K-Pak App works with a Bluetooth connection, but can also be triggered manually, like a camera.

How many lumens does K-Pak emit?
The K-Pak can emit up to 2,000 lumens.

How many color combination does K-Pak have?
There are 127 different color combinations

How long will K-Pak last on a full charge?
It depends on how long the LEDs are on. You will consume more power, in “Flashlight” and “Video” modes, than in “Photo” mode, for example. We estimate about 500 shots in Photo mode, and about 300 short videos in Video mode.

How durable is K-Pak?
While there is no durability spec on the K-Pak, it should be treated as you would any camera. If it gets dropped, it will likely be damaged.

Does it require assembly?
No assembly required.

How do I charge my K-Pak?
Simply plug the USB cable into the K-Pak to charge the battery.

Where can I get technical specifications?
Go to:

Does K-Pak work with iOS and Android?
Yes, K-Pak is compatible with iOS and Android 6 or later.

How much does K-Pak cost?
K-Pak retails for $249. Pre-Order Special at $199.

Where can I purchase K-Pak?
The K-Pak is available exclusively at

What does K-Pak mean?
The “K” in K-Pak stands for color temperature, or the color of light, which is expressed in Kelvin, using the symbol K. The “Pak” is self-explanatory, it’s a pack for your GoPro! Or just pack it and go!