Halloween 2018

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This year I went with my friends to West Hollywood to celebrate Halloween night. I saw so many unique and very cool costumes. I wore a light up mask like the one in the movie The Purge. One of my friends went as Nacho Libre and my other friend was Miguel from the movie Coco. It was the perfect opportunity to use the K Pak case with its special lighting device to enhance videos at night. The lighting was so good that every time I used the K Pak to capture a cool Halloween costume, other people would use the light from it to take their selfies. I even had people come up to me and ask me to turn the K Pak light back on so that they could get better pictures with their iPhones. It was a fun and exciting Halloween evening, and I captured many wonderful memories using the K Pak case.

Shannon Zirkle

Shannon Zirkle

K-Pak Embassador

Shannon is a photographer, videographer, drone operator, editor and script writer. Founder of BahZerkl, her creative agency which operates in LA and Northern California. She makes all sorts of content from travel/action sports videos to short films. She loves using K Pak because now she isn’t limited to only shooting durning the day. Check out her content at BahZerkle on Youtube and Instagram.

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