The best way to describe the K-Pak as a manufactured product is in terms of its main components. One half of the product is made of the plastic and metal parts, which we refer to as the enclosure – with the other half being the electronics. The injection molds and die-cast tooling (the molds which make the plastic and metal parts) have been completed and two rounds of test shots (samples) have been produced. These are then assembled into complete products, containing the electronics, at which point they are suitable for testing. These first several production units are currently undergoing leak testing to determine which water-resistance rating we can claim, for example.

The other half of K-Pak is made up of the electronics. There are 5 PCBA’s (printed circuit board assemblies) inside of K-Pak. The first batch of 2,000 PCBA’s have been produced, inspected and are now undergoing testing at our manufacturing facility here in California. The manufacturing process for PCBA’s is incredible, as some of the components are placed by machine, and extremely fast! You can see the speed in which the populate the components on the circuit boards in the video.

In addition, any consumer electronic device with Bluetooth capability must pass FCC (Federal Communications Commission), a government agency that ensures products sold to consumers are safe. We are pleased to report that the K-Pak FCC testing passed with flying colors!