K-Pak Production Update: PCB Test Fixtures

Dec 6, 2017 | Updates

PCB Test Fixtures

Just prior to the assembly of each K-Pak unit, there is a step where we need to test the PCB’s as a group (all 5 at once), to determine if there are any issues. On occasion, there can be a single component or cable that is bad, for example. While it is possible to test each PCB separately, it is much faster in volume production to test them as a set, and that process should be made foolproof, and quick to use.

We designed and made a special fixture for all of five of the PCB’s to be tested simultaneously. The design of the test fixture is a project in itself! You can see that each individual PCB has its own place on the fixture. There are custom-made plastic guides that allow the operator to install them quickly and easily. On the production line, every second counts!