Wanted: Product Testers

Wanted: Product Testers

K-Pak is a water-resistant case for your GoPro Hero 3 or Hero 4 camera that enables brilliant image capture in low-light conditions. Now you can capture the night like never before: rides at dusk, night-time skate sessions, music festivals, and more!

Think you could use K-Pak to get some great footage during a low-light downhill run through the forest, or on a night skate session? Or both?! We are looking for a few product testers to help show what can be done with it, and give us feedback along the way. Note – you must own a GoPro Hero 3 or Hero 4 camera.

We’ll send you a K-Pak unit, yours to use for 45 days

  • You post at least one quality video and/or 5 stills per week showing awesome stuff you’ve shot w/ K-Pak
  • Post 3 or more videos and/or 25 stills per week over 4 weeks to earn Ambassador status with extra benefits
  • At the end of the test period, our judges will select the best video demonstrating K-Pak’s powerful low-light video capture capabilities
  • The winner gets a FREE K-Pak, a feature on the K-Pak blog and other prizes!
  • Don’t forget to use #ownthenight!

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