This month, we challenged our product tester team to submit some killer content created with the K-Pak for a chance to win big $$$.
We’re proud to announce that Gus Jaimes was the big winner!
One thing we love about our product tester team is the diverse backgrounds and interests each of them have and how K-Pak fits into their lives in different ways.
We took this opportunity to learn a little more about Gus by asking him a few questions. Here’s what he had to say:

Besides being a tattoo artist – you’ve got a lot of other stuff going on. What other projects are you involved in?
Tattooing definitely keeps me busy but I also tend to work on a good amount of design/artwork for bands, companies, and other projects. It’s nice to always have different kinds of outlets. I think it helps with creativity and never doing the same thing over and over.

What led you to becoming a tattoo artist?
To be honest I never thought I could be a tattooer. It always seemed like one of those things where you had to know someone in that world in order to be a part of it. I remember getting my first tattoo. 3 X’s down my calf with the words “Mi Vida Limpia” which translates to “my clean life” since I am straight edge and have never done any drugs, alcohol, or smoked anything. After that first one I just fell in love with imagery, words, and the fact that it’s on you for life. Eventually after learning the history and culture behind tattooing I knew I wanted to be a part of it, give back, and leave a positive mark in the tattoo world.

You are a super busy guy, between tattooing, the podcasts you are involved in, creating artwork for all sorts of clients, and drinking coffee, how do you stay creative when life is so busy?
I honestly believe it’s all about making connections. I love meeting and talking to people with all kinds of backgrounds. Everyone can help each other out in someway or another. Having so many hobbies, I feel like I can get more ideas by having different views and experiences with multiple projects. Music is a huge–and I mean huge–influence for me when it comes to being creative. I love music so much. Almost any kind as well. If it’s well written I’m not ashamed to admit I like it. Once again it goes with having an idea about what the song is about and how it relates to you and what you can take away from it. I am most creative when I listen to music.

How does photography fit into your life?
When it comes to photography, I’ve always wanted to do it. Since my first photography class in 7th grade. Everything about taking a photo to developing the film and learning to get better just made me feel like it was another outlet for creativity.

There’s something so romantic about capturing moments in time and looking back at them years down the line. A photograph will almost capture what a tattoo does.

As in there is an image that you picked to freeze in time because it means something to you and you want others to either ask about it or it’s simply just for yourself. Other times it could just be something totally random and funny and just need it there for a good laugh. Similarities in both. Hence why I love and do both.

How’s your experience with K-Pak been so far?
I gotta say I was stoked to be picked as a product tester for the K-Pak case but I was also a little nervous on how I was gonna use it until I tried it for the first time and felt a fresh breath of air. The first photo I took was with a flash outside during a night bbq and it did not disappoint. Finally, a flash for my gopros with an app and options for customizing. Then I used the video light with a custom tint/flash and filmed me and some friends playing hockey outside in low light. Everything was bright and easy to see. Not only was it great for some photos and video but I started wondering about long exposures and how the GoPro settings are either pretty bright and blown out or pretty dark and grainy after editing. The strobe flash pretty much took care of that problem for me and long exposures. It’s a game changer to say the least. I love the K-Pak because it’s actually made me want to use my gopros more often now that I have more options. It makes you want to think outside the box and keeps your creativity wanting to push the boundaries.

Follow Gus on Instagram, and go visit him at Torch Tattoo in Anaheim.